Gratitude, Reflection, & 2024

Gratitude, Reflection, & 2024

Gratitude, Reflection, & 2024: The wheel of the year has turned, I want to talk about gratitude, and reflect on 2023. Also I have some things happening for 2024.

You have My Gratitude

First I want to thank everybody who has supported me this year. Every purchase, every interaction and comment on Facebook and Instagram help me grow this small business and share rosebud agate in all its beauty and glory. This community helped me through a tough year. You brought my mom some small joy in her last months by sharing your amazing rocks. You all have my gratitude.

About this time every year, I enter into a state of reflection. What worked, what didn’t, how do I continuously improve. Here are a few things in the works or being considered for 2024.

I appreciate those of you who participate in the Willett Creek Agate Co. Community & Marketplace on Facebook. As the group continues to grow, I will be looking for moderators. I plan to also start sending invites to have an expert badge on a group profile. There are a number of people with expert knowledge in a variety of areas related to rockhounding. I want to recognize their knowledge and encourage learning.

Upcoming Website Updates for 2024

I still have some bugs on my website. I will be diligently working these out in the very near future. If you notice a problem, or have any suggestions, please feel free to send me an email.

One of the things I’m removing from the website is the Rockhound Rewards program. Participation is low. It hogs server resources and slows the site loading. I will continue to offer coupons and giveaways in the future to reward customers.

I will be adding shirts and other merchandise to the shop over the next couple of weeks. Look for comfortable and stylish rockhounding gear soon.

I’m also setting up an Etsy shop. This store will sell some of the nicest specimen pieces as well as cut and polished agate and rocks. The sales focus of the shop here will continue to be rough rosebud agate and other rough rocks and minerals.

2024 Shipping Policy Changes

I will also be making small changes to my shipping policy in the coming days and weeks. In 2023, I have charged a flat rate of $10 for shipping on all items or free shipping on orders of $100 or more. This encouraged larger orders, but may have excluded some buyers. Look for a new shipping policy and pricing soon, but going forward shipping will be $10 or less on most items. And the threshold for free shipping will drop. I’m just not sure what the number is yet.

Rosebud Agate Events

Over Labor Day Weekend 2023, I hosted Rosebud Agate Festival. It was a small intimate rockhounding event, that was lots of fun. We also collected a lot of rosebud agate. Going into 2024, I’m considering at least two long weekend rockhounding events. Probably Memorial Day and Labor Day. Look for information soon.


As with any endeavor in life, there are challenges we must overcome or at least accept to move forward. My struggle includes health issues and the accompanying mental health issues that often accompany chronic pain.

I have ankylosing spondylitis, a severe autoimmune disorder that causes arthritis in the spine and joints along with a host of other issues. I’ve lived in constant pain for 23 years. There are days that are ok. Then there are the many days that in spite of my best efforts, the body overrules everything.

Medication helps. Moderate physical activity is beneficial. But there is no cure, and the pain is always there, in the background. So please know that if you see me disappear from social media for a couple of days, it’s most likely that I just don’t have it in me. I still welcome your messages and comments.

I’m currently in the application phase for disability benefits. But that may yet take awhile. I live on a strict budget. So I really do appreciate all of you who make purchases and share my posts.

My mantra for 2023 was ~Self Care ~Purpose ~Creation ~Gratitude. For 2024 I see no reason to change this.

Thanks again & happy rockhounding!!

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Buy Me A Rock Memberships/Donations

In addition to my shop here, I have a profile on Buy Me a Coffee. You can buy a membership or make a onetime donation. I plan to add a new membership level very shortly, and will be revamping the rewards just a bit.

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