Guy Agate Field

Guy Agate Field

Locally known as the Guy Agate Field, this location is situated in the northeast corner of New Mexico. In the book Gem Trails of New Mexico, by James R Mitchell* (my copy is eighth edition revised 2001), The Guy Agate Field is listed in Region II Site 47.

The Guy agate mentioned here and in Geologic Studies of Union County, New Mexico by Brewster Baldwin and William R. Muehlberger, Bulletin 63 New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources, 1959. is the rosebud agate that I collect, share, and sell.

Guy Agate Field – New Mexico Gem Trails, James R Mitchell

Guy Agate Field - Gem Trails of New Mexico by James R. Mitchel.

Be sure to note the areas shown in the book are no longer collectible. Some of the area shown on the map is NM State Land Trust land. The rest is private land that is no longer collectible. At one time much of the circled area was owned or leased by my great grandparents. At the time this book first came out in 1961, I imagine they may have let some people collect with permission. Over time with new owners, that has changed.

The field extends several miles south onto the current W Diamond L Ranch. And while the area I offer for the rockhounding tours, is some of the best in area, there are other locations where it can be found.

Interesting note. When you’re coming in on NM Hwy 370, there are a couple of buildings on the right side. These were the Guy NM store and Post Office. My great grandmother sold her excess eggs and milk to the store. Staying on 370, the next set of buildings you come to is my great grandparents homestead

So if you’re trying to fulfill your New Mexico Gem Trails bucket list

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