Off The Beaten Path: Not Just Rockhounding

Here in our off the beaten path corner of northeastern New Mexico, we have rocks. We also have amazing nature, stunning landscapes, and quiet solitude.

Most folks that visit for a rockhounding tour spend the day walking Willett creek and at the seam collecting buckets of rosebud agate. However, there’s so much more.

Heading Off The Beaten Path

The first thing to know, is that if you’re planning a trip to Willett Creek Agate, we are forty miles from anywhere. The roads are less than stellar. And mobile connectivity is spotty at best. If you’re the type of person this excites, please keep reading.

Many areas of the ranch are best accessed by a small 4wd vehicle or small utility vehicle. We can also hike into these areas, however trails vary in endurance and difficulty. We have a ranch truck that can accomodate 1 person if you don’t mind dog hair and the dirt and dust of ranching. There is no additional charge if you want to bring your own small wheelbase 4wd or utility vehicle to ride trails.

So nature and wildlife photographers, back country hikers, history buffs, meditating in nature fans, wild harvest collectors, and of course rockhounds, contact me to set up your tour.

What’s Your Interest?

  • Rosebud Agate: I have four primary locations for collecting rosebud agate. The easiest is Willett creek. Other areas include Travesser park (easy to moderate), and Dickey Canyon (moderate to difficult).
  • Other Rocks & Minerals: We have a variety of other rocks and minerals on the ranch and in the area including, chert, common opal, hematite, iron concretions, quartz, quartzite, pyrite pseudomorphs, chalcedony, and more.
  • A Day Off: Just need a day off? Come sit among the trees for meditation, listen to the birds chatter, visit old homesteads, or just hike.
  • Make a Weekend of it: There are a number of parks, monuments, museums, and other attractions in the region. Plan a weekend in the outdoors that includes a tour at Willett Creek and the W Diamond L Ranch. I can offer guided regional tours on limited basis, but mileage adds up pretty quick.
  • Wild Harvest: Need a place to collect cholla cactus wood, prickly pears, pinyon nuts, antler sheds, or wild herbs. I’m happy to take you out for a day of collecting.
  • Wildlife & Nature Photography: Have a passion for photographing nature and wildlife? With several thousand acres of canyon land in the HiLo country, there are plenty of opportunities for spectacular landscapes. And on a good day we’ll see plenty of wildlife, but it’s not always guaranteed. I document wildlife encounters with the iNaturalist app. You can find my observations here.
  • Firewood: Responsible forestry management is part of ranching. We offer limited opportunities for cutting firewood. There are restrictions and limitations. Please contact me to discuss.

So whatever your reason for wanting to get off the beaten path, just know I’m here and have plenty of agate, solitude, and nature. Check availability and request a date for your off the beaten path adventure.

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