Pendants By Suzanne

Pendants By Suzanne

These pendants are wire wrapped by mom. She's always been an artist and worked in many mediums. She's just started wire wrapping polished agate and other stones I provided at the end of 2022.. She was using the process to keep her hands busy as she quit smoking. Early this year she was diagnosed with cancer. She is fighting with her family standing beside her.

After 50 plus years of smoking, I'm proud of her for staying quit. I've seen the struggle, and I'm happy and proud she hasn't given in and given up.

After costs, most all of the proceeds of these pendants are going to her for expenses or whatever she needs. I don't know how many more of these will get made. Just know they have been made with love and purpose, and you'll have my gratitude for encouraging her with a purchase of one of these pendants. Thanks!!

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