WCA Grand Opening Event

Hey Rockhounds, Agate Collectors, Nature Lovers, & Random Passers-by,

I’ve been working towards this WCA grand opening for a couple of years now. It’s finally here. If you haven’t been following along, I’ve been in a soft launch for a couple of months. I think I’ve got most of the bugs worked out. So here we are at the grand opening.

WCA Grand Opening

WCA Community

I appreciate all of you who follow, like and share my content both here and on social media. We’re building a community together that serves to share our hobby, learn from, and support each other.

It’s been a long couple of years working on this in my spare time when I didn’t hurt to much. I often feel like a minnow swimming upstream in whitewater. But life is going to life. I appreciate the support, sharing, and new friends I’ve made and am making currently.

I hope you find my product offering suitable. I’m an amateur rockhound with decades of retail and business experience, a chronic student of lifelong learning and nature. I’m not a professional rock scientist or lapidary artist. But I’m always happy to answer questions if I know and seek the answer if I don’t. If you see wrong info on this site, please contact me.

I have a lot of rocks, I will continue to add new product listings daily or weekly as time allows. Join Rockhound Rewards and earn points for purchases, sharing, and more. Use your points to save on future purchases or collect limited rewards.

Prefer to collect your own rocks? Join me for guided rockhounding tours on our family ranch in Union County, New Mexico. Not a rock collector? Want a Back 40 nature hike. I can accommodate that too.

Looking for more? You can support my content and get exclusives at Buy Me A Coffee Rock!

So do you have rocks and minerals or lapidary art/products/equipment for sale? I’m open to trades. If you are looking for a market to sell, we can possibly work out a wholesale or consignment arrangement. Contact me to discuss.

Anyways, thanks for walking beside me on this journey. I appreciate you all. Check back often for new offerings, deals, and more.

With Gratitude,


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