YouTube Channel Launch & Other WCA News

YouTube Channel Launch & Other WCA News

That’s right, Willett Creek Agate now has a YouTube channel. There’s already two videos with some amazing rosebud agate on show. Please consider subscribing. There will be new videos regularly.

In addition to rinse bucket reveals, I will be showing you favorite rock collecting spots here on the ranch that most people don’t see, rock package unboxings, and we may do some live streaming on occasion.

This will be a bit challenging for me, but I’m committed to producing a quality channel. What are the challenges you ask.

Challenges of A Spoonie Business Owner

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, an autoimmune disregulation causing chronic pain via spinal arthritis and other symptoms. I’ve been dealing with it for better than two decades and will continue to do so, however some days it is a challenge to even move.

A further challenge is that I live a very modest lifestyle on a small budget. Mostly I film everything with my phone. Even with it’s spider web cracks on the camera lens cover it takes okay pictures. I have to spend time in editing to clean them up. You may notice some slightly blurry spots on the left side of some of my macro photos. I minimize and fix what I can, but it’s caused by light refracting in a crack in the lens cover. If I had a decent camera…..

I’m Looking for YouTube Channel Producers

Speaking of if I had a….

I’m looking for producers for the YouTube channel. What is a producer you ask? You provide me sustainable funding. I provide you exclusive access and input in the videos and process. You get credits in the videos, and other amazing perks. Basically you get to be the inner circle.

If you have the means and wish to contribute, please read my latest post on Buy Me A Coffee for more info or visit the membership page directly to join. The YouTube producer levels are limited availability memberships. If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

New Products in the Store Soon

I’ve been working on my backlog inventory of fine agates and rocks, and will be doing a store update soon. I’m expecting some new stuff in from the Texas Panhandle at the end of April. And with that comes other trade stock I always get when Clint Nagel visits. Rumor has it that I may have access to trade for several pounds of Holly Blue agate. Another great way to support my content is to shop the agates, shirts, and other merch currently in the shop here.

Want To Trade Rocks, Collaborate, or Advertise?

With the launch of the new channel, I’m also looking for partners for rock swaps, YouTube collaborations, and advertising.

Rock Swaps

If you’re interested in trading rocks, I am looking for new material to feature across all my platforms. I’m willing to trade rough for rough. You can send me a package, and I will send out a package of the same size once I receive yours. Please reach out to

YouTube Channel Collaborations

I’m open to doing channel collaborations with other YouTube creators. Please contact me to discuss project ideas.

Advertising Partners

Once I hit certain benchmarks, I can participate in the YouTube Partners program and receive a share of their ad income. In the meantime, I have verified my channel, meaning I can link sponsors in the description to go with an in video ad. Additionally partners will also receive space in my blog posts. Social media collaborations are also available.

My Ideal YouTube Channel Advertising Partners

  • Small Businesses related to rockhounding, lapidary, handmade jewelry, geology, science education, agates, minerals, outdoor adventures, etc.
  • Small Businesses in southern Colorado, the Oklahoma Panhandle, west Texas, or northern/eastern New Mexico targeting transient tourist traffic, ie: rockhounding tours.
  • Looking for very affordable rates for evergreen ads and special campaigns.
  • Looking for a simple niche advertising program that compliments your your social media and other marketing efforts.
  • Looking for an advertising program that goes above to provide value.

The reality is I can use affiliate marketing programs to place ads, but I would rather support small businesses in my various communities, by providing affordable advertising opportunities targeted directly to my growing niche audience. My audience will benefit from ads they are more likely to appreciate. (Not the same ole same ole ads many creators use.)

Please contact me to discuss your advertising needs.

Thank You to This Community

Finally I’d like to finish this post by saying thank you to this community. I try to say it often, but without you, there is no community. 630+ followers on the Facebook page. 300 in the group. Thanks for sharing, commenting, liking, sharing, subscribing, and sending messages of encouragement. I appreciate you all.

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