Union County, New Mexico Agate

I live and work on the family ranch my great grandparents homesteaded and established in Union county New Mexico in 1919. I’ve been picking up rocks most of my life. Both here in New Mexico and growing up in Colorado.

It wasn’t until recently however that I considered the value of the rocks in my collection and the access I have to some nice agates, fossils, and other interesting rocks and minerals. This consideration along with some time in rockhounding groups online have brought me here to build this store. I’m here to sell and trade rocks at a fair price. I also offer guided rockhound and nature tours on the ranch.

I hope you enjoy the selection I have here. Much of it is from the ranch here in Union county, New Mexico. However I do some rock buying and trading and may have some interesting specimens from other places available from time to time.

From time to time, I may be interested in trading rough agate material for lapidary services and equipment or other rocks and minerals. If your interested, show me what you have at rockswap@rosebudagate.com and we may work out a trade.

Willett Creek Agate Co. is located in Union County New Mexico.
Thank you for supporting this New Mexico small business.
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