Willett Creek Agate Co. Collection Policies

Liability Notice: Due to the inherent risks of outdoor activities on a working cattle ranch, participants in guided rock hunts agree to release Willett Creek Agate Co. and participating landowners from any liability related to these risks.

Willett Creek Agate Co. General Collection Policy

Many landowners and ranchers are hesitant to allow the general public to collect on their land. We don’t mind providing access for rockhounds to be able to collect on private property in our area.

With that said, Willett Creek Agate Co asks its guests to follow these general guidelines for the safety and benefit of our guests and landowners.

  1. Be respectful of private property.
  2. Leave gates as they are found (open or closed) when going through.
  3. Do not enter outbuildings or other buildings.
  4. Please remove any trash and waste you bring with you.
  5. Do not drink or rinse/cool off from a well hydrant without checking with your guide. Many wells on private property are to keep livestock and wildlife watered, but are not suitable for human consumption or use.
  6. Do not leave holes when digging for rocks that can cause harm to livestock or wildlife.
  7. Please collect in areas designated by your guide. Some landowners also lease state land where collection of any type is not permitted. Your guide knows these areas and will encourage you to enjoy the scenery as you pass through.
  8. Landowners generally maintain trails and tracks on their property, however trails may be rough. We offer several places to collect with varying degrees of difficulty to access. Guests can collect in easy park and walk locations or are welcome to bring personal off road utility vehicles to access additional collecting areas that are more difficult to reach. Small 4-wheel drive personal vehicles are also welcome, but may be damaged by brush or trees (we fondly call this New Mexico custom pinstriping.) 3 Wheel off road utility vehicles are not recommended.
  9. When using personal vehicles, side by side, or other off road utility vehicles, guests are required to stay on established roads, tracks, trails, and designated parking areas.
  10. Trails on private property vary in degrees of difficulty from easy to advanced. Please inform your guide about your skill level so they can make appropriate decisions about where to take you collecting.
  11. Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  12. Do not approach or attempt to feed livestock or wildlife.
  13. Always be weather aware. During the summer season, our area is susceptible to flash flooding and severe thunderstorms. There are some areas that can flood with storms up to 40 miles away. Your guide will monitor local weather conditions, and current radar when possible to provide you a safe rockhounding experience. Please understand that we may adjust the scheduling of your trip or the specific locations of your rock hunt based on weather conditions. We will inform you as soon as possible if we need to adjust the schedule due to weather. Read more about flash flood safety on our blog.
  14. We are located approximately 43 miles from the nearest grocery, convenience, and fuel stores. Please make sure you have any drinks, food, and fuel you may need for the day.

Willett Creek Agate Co. Artifact Policy

Because of the cultural sensitivities in regards to artifact collection, Willett Creek Agate Co, does not allow or facilitate the collection of indigenous artifacts during guided rock hunts on private property by our guests.

Artifacts may be picked up and photographed, but must be left in place. However if it is determined that the artifact may be lost or damaged in the short term, due to running water or other natural processes, Willett Creek Agate may secure the artifact for the landowners to display for guests (including WCA Rockhounds) or to donate to one of our local museums.

We reserve the right to refuse service to guests who violate this policy.

Willett Creek Agate Co Fossil Collection Policy

It is the policy of Willett Creek Agate Co, to allow the collection of certain fossils by our guests. Quantities and types of fossils may be limited. Guests may only collect fossils that are surface finds that are loose from a larger formation of rock. 

Willett Creek Agate Co does not allow or facilitate the collection of large vertebrate fossils on private property during guided rock hunts.

Small vertebrate and invertebrate fossils, mud crack fossils, and petrified wood may be collected, however as stated above quantities may be limited.

We ask that you show any fossil finds to your guide, so they can be documented as to type and location and to determine if collection is allowed as per this policy.

We reserve the right to refuse service to guests who violate this policy.

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