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Willett Creek Agate offers pay what you want pricing (PWYW) on our website and other sales channels. But what is it? Pay-what-you-want (PWYW) pricing is a strategy in which customers are allowed to pay any intended price for a product or service, sometimes including zero. It is also known as voluntary pricing or name-your-own-price. This approach is becoming increasingly popular, especially among creators and artists.

“You Should Charge More”

I’ve been told frequently that I need to charge more for the rough rosebud agate I sell. However I’m fortunate to be sitting on tons of it. I would rather make it available to a wider audience, and let each pay according to their ability.

Pay What You Want Pricing now at Willett Creek Agate

Pay What You Want Benefits for WCA Customers

  • Affordability: allows customers to pay what they can afford for our products. This can be beneficial for low-income customers or customers who are on a tight budget, especially in this era of inflation.
  • Flexibility: gives customers the freedom to choose how much they want to pay for products. This can be empowering for customers, as it allows them to feel like they are getting a good deal.
  • Fairness: PWYW pricing can help customers to feel like they are paying a fair price for products and services. This is because customers are able to set their own price based on their own budget and assessment of the value of the product.

I set minimum prices which cover my time to collect and pack, my costs and a small amount of profit. For items I purchase from other sellers, the minimum price I sell for is a small markup on my cost. These are still great deals.

In the website shop, when you select an item, you will pay the minimum price unless you opt to pay more. On Facebook and Instagram sales I invoice with PayPal and you have the option to add more to your total.

Pay What You Want Benefits for Willett Creek Agate Co.

  • Build customer loyalty: PWYW pricing can help us to build strong relationships with our customers, as it shows that we trust customers to pay what they think is fair.
  • Generate word-of-mouth marketing: PWYW pricing can generate positive word-of-mouth marketing for us, as you are likely to tell their friends and family about businesses that offer them a fair deal.
  • Increase sales: PWYW pricing can make products more accessible to a wider range of customers, including those who may not be able to afford to pay full price.

Value and Community

The rocks I sell have value. I hope you find your great value in both the rocks and minerals I sell. And in the amazing community we are building around rosebud agate. Thank you for shopping small and supporting Willett Creek Agate.

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