Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


Willett Creek Agate Co. commits to operating in a sustainable manner. We believe that sustainability is good for our business, our planet, and our community. We commit to reducing our environmental impact and promoting social responsibility.

Living and working on a cattle ranch provides me plenty opportunities for encounters with mother nature. I have seen environmental degradation happening over many decades. I have watched the climate change significantly in my life time.

Regardless of the politics, climate change is happening. Climate change is driven by natural cycles, AND human activity. I believe that we should reduce our footprint as much as possible in order to leave a habitable planet for future generations.

We are not destroying the planet. It will be just fine. We are simply making uninhabitable for life as we know it.

Actions To Reduce Our Footprint

Website Hosting: You may have seen the eco friendly website badge on our site. We host our site with GreenGeeks Web Hosting. Not only do they have stellar service, they power their data centers entirely by wind energy. Not only does GreenGeeks replace the grid energy they use in their data centers and corporate operations to the grid, by buying renewable energy credits, but they replace three times what they use helping their clients offset carbon use as well. Additionally GreenGeeks plants one tree for every new hosting account. Please read more about GreenGeeks mission to clean up the internet here.*

Packaging: We recycle as much packaging material as we can. So if the bubble wrap looks like it’s seen a couple of USPS rodeos, it’s because it probably has. We try to keep plastic, paper, and other packing materials out of the waste stream for as long as possible. This means using a mix of new and used materials. We are looking at some sustainable packaging options

Planting Trees: (Coming Soon) In the near future, I will be connecting the site to One Tree Planted, and will commit to planting one tree with every order. I just need some time to set it up.

Soil Farming: This isn’t a Willett Creek Agate program. It’s a personal learning journey. I’m studying and writing about sustainability in agriculture, permaculture, and more. I’m really just getting started with that. If you’re interested in reading more, read our ranch blog.

Join Me in Sustainability

Willett Creek Agate Co. commit to continuous improvement in our sustainability performance. We will regularly review our goals and initiatives to ensure that they are still relevant and achievable.

Sustainability is essential for the long-term success of our business. We commit to making a positive impact on the environment and our community.

Thank you for joining us in this important mission by shopping on this site and supporting small businesses that are taking action on sustainability.

*This link is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase, we make a small commission. Thanks for supporting our content.

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