The Brief Story of Willett Creek Agate

The Brief Story of Willett Creek Agate

A brief history of Willett Creek Agate.

The rosebud agate I collect on the ranch is found in the Morrison formation from the Tithonian age. It can be found with sandstone or limestone host matrix and often with other minerals such as calcite, or gypsum.

A more recent part of the story happens when my great grand parents homesteaded just a few miles down the road in 1919. Through the Great Depression and the dust bowl they built the W Diamond L ranch.

103+ years later, after a lifetime of rock collecting in Colorado and New Mexico, I finally took a deeper dive into my collection and the local geology.

Willett Creek where I collect the most agate, is unnamed in the GIS as best I can tell. So locally I call it after my great grandparents and the beautiful agate found in the area.

I offer guided tours on the ranch as well as selling the beautiful rosebud agate I collect in Willett Creek.

You can visit our shop to browse rosebud agate, along with other rocks and minerals I collect on the ranch. You’ll also find stuff I’ve purchased or acquired in trade that’s rough, polished, or worked into jewelry and other lapidary art. (Coming Soon)

You can find Willett Creek Agate on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram @WillettCreekAgate and/or join our online community for more content.

polished Rosebud Agate
Willett Creek Rosebud Agate in process of tumble polishing. Photo courtesy of Mike Willford.

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